Investment Of Ibile Holdings Limited

The group investment in equity and money market portfolio comprises of the following investments:


Quoted Investments:

This comprises of the shareholdings of companies listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange which cut across variety of sectors.


Private/Unquoted investments:

This comprises of equity holdings in companies not listed on the Nigeria Stock Exchange, some are listed on the National Association of Security Dealers (NASD) market, while some are private companies that impact on the economy of the state in which Ibile Holdings Limited supports to increase and improve it viability.


Sovereign Investment:

This comprises of the investment undertaken by the Federation of Nigeria State and involves the participation of the Federal, States and Local governments in Nigeria.


Foreign Denominated:

This comprises of foreign investments that are neither on the Nigeria Stock Exchange nor operating mainly in Nigeria. Hence the investments are denominated in foreign currency.


Money market:

Ibile also participates actively in the money market investing a certain percentage in treasury bills, bonds, time deposits, e.t.c.

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