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    The 2014 KPMG Power in Africa Sector Report stated that Nigeria’s electricity generation is ~3,575 MW, which falls far short of the ~12,800 MW required to meet peak demand. As at 2011, Nigeria, according to the World Bank, ranked amongst the lowest net electricity generating nations with a per capita generation of 149 KWh.

    Available data from the World Bank as at June 2014 stated that only ~46% of the population had access to electricity. In its Doing Business 2014 report, the World Bank measures the ease with which businesses in 189 countries can access electricity, with Nigeria ranking 185th.Although the abysmal electricity supply hampers business; plugging the gap in the needed output presents a huge potential.

    According to Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, Nigeria is expected to generate 40,000MW by 2020 and the major source of the capacity expansion is expected to come from Independent Power Projects (IPPs). There are currently 6 IPPs sponsored by the Lagos State that contribute a total of 58MW to power critical infrastructure in Lagos State.

    Ibile Holdings Limited will collaborate with investors in the power value chain to support the availability of electricity in Lagos State.

    Electricity & Energy