• Transportation & Logistics

    A survey conducted by Royal Haskoning in 2007 revealed that Lagos is a high demand environment with massive commuter population into the Central Business District at an estimate of ~2.5 million per day.

    This sector is dominated by road transport accounting for ~85% of commercial and passenger transportation in Nigeria; and ~90% in Lagos. According to LAMATA, there are ~222 vehicles to every kilometre in Lagos State which is in excess of the national average pinned at ~11 vehicles to every kilometre of pliable road.

    The Lagos State Investor Handbook 2012 states that over 70% of Lagos State is accessible by water. With ~22% of its 3,577 km2 land mass being lagoons and creeks, the waterway transport system when developed is expected to relieve the pressure on the road and rail transport infrastructure, with additional benefits to warehousing, storage and logistics services in the State.

    Ibile Holdings Limited is keen to develop the water ways, as this area is virtually unexplored and a water based transit system has huge potential to ease up the bottle-neck currently experienced by the commuters in Lagos State.

    Transportation & Logistics